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Hello Curlies came in the mail for me yesterday. I was like a kid at the candy store. Of course I used them last night to style my hair (I couldn’t resist). Oh honey chile! I can’t wait to share my thoughts. So stay tuned….. 



Which one is your got to style? I find myself always rocking a two strand twist out and a flat twist out. Mainly because they are super easy. Can you blame me !?😉

I love Lottabody

They are such a great line of natural haircare products. You can find their products at your local beauty store or pharmacy. Of course we can’t forget Walmart as well. Or just check out their website for more

Heat Damage?

How can one truly identify heat damage, and what does it look like? Some say your curls will be limp and lifeless. Others say your curls won’t bounce back and your doomed to the scissors touching your hair. Well I am torn as to whether or not my hair is experiencing heat damage or if my hair strands aren’t fully striped of product build up.

After not applying heat to my hair for my first full year of being natural I decided to give it a shot for Christmas 2014. Christmas was the first time I allowed heat to touch my hair. For this I went to my stylist and we used the Basic One Boost System. After two weeks I washed my hair at home and my curls came back almost 90%. They were elongated but still there. I was informed that it does take a few washes to see my full curl pattern once again. Approximately three weeks later I went back and took with me my Beautiful Textures Naturally Straight System. During the in between time I did not apply any further heat on my hair while at home.

After another 2 weeks I washed my hair and to my surprise my curls did not come back 100% and not even 90% it’s was more like 80%. Of course i was torn and washed my hair at least 4 more time to see if my hair would snap back. I hit the Internet and began researching the reversion process of the Beautiful Textures Naturally Straight System. Many said you should wash your hair with a sulfate shampoo and unfortunately I did not have any. I allowed my hair to dry and styled it as best I could. The next day I ran out and purchased a sulfate shampoo. Waited a few days and washed my hair yet to no avail. My curls still were not popping back. I honestly did not freak out tremendously to my surprise.

On February 5th I went ahead washed my hair again in hopes that it might revert further since its been a few washes. For this wash day I decided to try the Tresemme Keratin 7 Day Smooth System Treatment. My wash day was decent curls were still slow beginning to pop back. I proceed with the system and blow dried and flat ironed my hair 😁 (you can stop yelling at me now lol) I loved the results. Fast forward to Feb 18 I washed my hair and my curls flopped. During the wash process my hair in the front was so straight. I had to wash my hair about five times to begin to see curls. I then proceed with the beer rinse. Which to me did nothing however I will be trying it again though. Below are pics of my hair immediately after washing it.






As you can see my ends are still straight and my roots are puffy. I did not detangle my hair or comb it for this picture. No longer will I be using heat in my hair until it truly recovers from this mess I caused. If I do decided to straighten it ever again I will not use any straightening system solely a blow and flat iron. After learning more about Boost and the Beautiful textures they both take a few washes and some time for the product to be removed from the hair strands. It was not a wise choice that I made to use two different systems within such close of a time frame. As well as to go again and use the Keratin System at home. However, I will say each system did great on my hair in regards to the overall feel and look I wanted. My hair was straight and they each lasted roughly two to three weeks without reapplying more heat at home. If you do try them don’t do them in such close a time frame as I did.

Here is a pic of my hair after styling it


To begin the process of recovering my hair I plan to

1) Wash and Deep condition every week
2) Incorporate Apple cider vinegar rinses to strip my hair of product build up and regain its ph levels
3) Moisturize daily
4) Trim my ends
5) Once a month do a hard protein treatment

Stick with me as I will continue to share with you my healthy hair recovery journey.

If you have experienced heat damage what steps did you take to recover your hair and it’s health?

Curly Ambassador

Yup! That’s me. I am so thrilled to be one of Curls Understood Curly Ambassadors. It’s such an honor that they would choose me. So what is Curls Understood? It’s a website catered to naturally curly girls ranging from all curl types. It’s a place of information, reviews, how to’s, and fabulous curly girls. Feel free to drop by their website to explore and get connected. Soon you will be seeing me and my work on their website. How cool is that 😄


Tressemme, Tressemme

Oh la la. This past week I took the chance and tried something new. The good part about taking chances is when they turn out great. After watching reviews online I decided to give Tresemme’s 7 Day Smooth Treatment a shot and it worked wonders. Since deciding to rock my natural hair in a blown out state for the winter months I haven’t done it myself at home. After choosing to wear it straight I have been going to my stylist on a two to three week basis. However I was unable to go this past week and I did not want to care for my hair in its kinky curly state. Hence my decision to take a trip to Walmart and purchase this system.

In this line they have as you can see a shampoo, conditioner, and leave in heat treatment. This last step is the icing on the cake and really shows it’s worth in the flat ironing process. The leave in works with the heat from your flat iron to leave your hair shiny and smooth. This was the only thing I used in my hair when blow drying and flat ironing. My results were silky smooth hair strands. I did very small sections to achieve a sleeker look. Here is a picture of my hair during the process and the completed look.