Grow | Glow Ep7 Special Guest

Continuing on with my Women’s Month special guest today I have the pleasure of sitting down with Joy of IServe With Joy to talk about her glow up process.

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A Day For Me

How often do we get a day to just enjoy nature and all the beauty that it holds?

How often do we allow ourself to live in the moment?

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Validate Me

Validate Me She Said

Show Me That You Love Me

Tell Me You Care

I Need To Know You Will Always Be Here…..

The truth is the one she needed was right there all along. Unfortunately, her eyes were closed to the love, warmth, and continuous grace that kept her.

It’s my story, it’s my truth, its the fact that now I can see everything so clearly.

I see that I needed to appreciate me before I could appreciate another. I was guilty of putting all my trust in one person when in actuality I needed to trust God! In trusting Him I learned to appreciate me. I learned my strengths and came face to face with my weakness.

Only He could validate me like no other. Only He knows the ins and outs of who I am and what I need most! When I shifted my focus my light shined brighter than ever. When we place all of our focus on things above and not below we are left with His radiant glow. This glow comes from His unfailing love, unmerited favor, and amazing grace that radiates from the inside out.

They say you learn from your mistakes and that they come to make you stronger. I have found truth in this statement and I am learning, growing, and glowing through the process.

Don’t validate me

Don’t tell me lies

For I know where truth lies.

It’s that still small voice that calls my name

It’s the gift of life He gives each day

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Fit Life

As summertime approaches we all see those “summer body” images flooding our times lines. It’s all good and I am so here for the “summer body” but the goal should be all year long. Don’t get it twisted I am not professing to be one who hits the gym and has a 365 mindset to “stay fit.” What I do have is an active lifestyle that aids in me staying healthy and in shape all year long.

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Outdoor Festival

The weekends were meant for fun! Fun is exactly what I had this weekend at the James Island County Park Outdoor Festival. This Festival was geared towards outdoor activities.

I came ready to jump in on all the fun at their “Try Zone” there were so many things to try i couldn’t get enough. Here are some of the activities I did try

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Weekend Round Up

I had a wonderful weekend spent outdoors walking, laughing, eating, and enjoying time well spent with friends. For the second year in a row I was able to participate in the much anticipated Charleston “Cooper River Bridge 10K Run”. This is a very huge event here in the lowcountry where thousands of people fly in from all over the world to take part in this race. It was a pleasure and such a joy to see many people from various walks of life gather together and walk or run in this race. My school takes a group of our staff members out there each year to join in on the fun. I was able to include my close friends and husband along with us this year. We had a grand ol time. After the race King street was filled with people enjoying the beautiful Charleston weather. This weekend also brought people near and far to enjoy food and fun at the “Flowertown Festival” this takes place every year as well, in the heart of downtown Summerville. Another chance to enjoy the great weather, food, and hand crafted items from lowcountry vendors. I even grab myself a bowl of Shrimp n Grits the Low Countries favorite dish! Of course i couldn’t resist fried oreos. I truly had a fun filled weekend.

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