Holiday Party

With so many options for fab holiday dresses where is a girl to turn? Well if you are anything like me and love getting presents in the mail I definitely suggest online. Online!? Yes, I know there are so many site to choose from like Zara, Asos, Fashionnova, & Sheinside. Well I finally made my way over to Sheinisde and could not have been more statisifed.

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No makeup guru but I do like a good makeup palette. I find for people like me who take time at least once a week to “beat” our faces a palette works great. No need to go buy a bunch of eye shadows or blushes when you can buy one good palette with an array of colors. Finding makeup palette are super easy these days with countless online make websites and stores. Some of my favorite online retailers are All Cosmetics Wholesale, Ulta, Sephora,Amazon, and even Ebay. Thanks to Ross I was able to get a good deal on my recent purchase which is the Beauty Treats blush palette picture below. What drew me to this item was that the blushes are matte. It’s very rare to find a matte blush palette so I had to cease the moment. Icing on the cake was the $6.99 price tag and about $2.00 off for the crack. Bringing the total to $5.39 after taxes. Now that’s a deal. My eyeshadow palette has been with me for some time now thanks to  groupon and their beauty deals. So if your a non makeup guru like me that loves palette leave your favorite down below. 




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2 Days

Until all the restaurants are booked up, flowers are brought, edible arrangements are purchased, and hallmark just about goes out of business thanks to Valentines Day. However, no day is complete without a fierce look. I am loving this pretty in pink dress Ashanti is rocking. It’s the perfect Valentine’s Day look for a night on the town. The deep plunging V neckline and ruffled skirt is cute yet sassy.

Loving it!

Mistakes Happen

Just like every other journey in life we have our ups downs and bumps along the way. Unfortunately I made a careless mistake out of frustration. When I first big chopped I colored my hair a vibrant red. I just love red on me and it suits my complexion. However, along the way my color changed and turned some unholy dusty copper Brian. I thought it was ugly because it’s not the Olof I originally put on my hair. After one year of growing it out I decided to abruptly trim my ends in hopes to remove the color. The color was frustrating me and my ends were in need of a trim. I am no stylist and I honestly did not watch enough youtube videos as I have in the past. However, I grab my scissors and went to town. My hair had been in bands from washing and banding my hair the night before. I took the bands out and started from the back up. I trimmed just a bit from my neck area up until the middle of my head. That’s when things went south due to my messy ends at the middle to front of my head. I began snipping more than I did in the back and when I got to my front left side I ruined it. I was not paying attention and I cut way to much of. Leaving my hair shorter on the left than the right. I am debating as to wether I will leave it alone and allow it to grow or cut into a tapered style. All in all I learned to leave the cutting to professionals. Help me decide and drop a comment below as to cut or grow? Thanks in advance! #learningasigoandgrow


This is the style I am considering



Charleston Natural Bella’s

This one is for you. A place to show what your working with and rock yo natural hair in all it’s glory yup we are taking over and now we have a place to share in the Instagram world. Follow us at Charlestonnaturalbellas on the IG. To be featured #charlestonnaturalbellas. I would live to see the feed flooded with photos of Charleston’s finest natural hair sistas. Share, spread, & support!