Teeth Whitening For Sensitive Teeth

I’ve always been a bit self-conscious about my smile until recently. For one my teeth are slightly crooked on the bottom and two they aren’t a natural white color. I mean hey everyone wants white teeth right!!?  As much as I love smiling, taking pics, and posting I have my reservations. I’ve come to push past my insecurities and just smile.

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Fall Nails

Style and trends change with the seasons it amazes me how each new season brings a new look. From clothes to hair and even our nails. As fall approaches I have been into my nails more than ever before. Honestly I am not a fan of my hands they are short and my middle finger is slightly twisted (from my view). However no one seems to notice  ha ha. We all have weird quirks and mine are hands. Enough about my quirks lets talk about nails.

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And personal with my Wash n Go.


Products Used
1) Sheamoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Conditioner
2) Coconut Oil
3) Naturally Silk Elements Defining Curl Cream
4) Eco Styler Gel


Up and ready to go. Today I did a flat twist updo. My first of many to come. I did these twist using Cantu Coconut Curling Cream and Ecostyler Olive Oil Gel. These two work so well together.

Step 1- day old wash n go or freshly washed hair.

Step 2- lightly and I stress lightly blow dry hair. I used my pick and just lifted my hair at the roots and passed the blow dryer along the roots.

Step 3- section hair into 3 parts. One for the top and two portions for the back half.

Step 4- moisturize hair with cantu coconut curling cream and add Ecostyler gel for hold. Part hair and start to flat twist. I did 7 flat twist on each side.

Step 5- Once both sides are flat twisted move to the top.

Step 6- two strand twist top half of your hair.

Step 7- twist back twist up towards the top of your hair while tucking and pinning.

Step 8- finish look with your favorite oil sheen or spritz. Mine is the Cantu Oil Sheen.

Step 9- enjoy the look! Snap a selfie and your done!


My Coils Captured

Check out my video showing you what I used to achieve my coils. As always thumbs up my video, leave a comment, and SUBSCRIBE! Enjoy : )