Hello 2019

Hi my name is Narcisa, and I’m ready for everything you have for me!

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I Vowed

I vowed it would be my choice

I vowed it wouldn’t be the same

I vowed I’d follow my gut

I vowed I’d open back up

Before I made their choice

I choose what looked the part

I choose what felt right

I overlooked the red flags

I overlooked the patterns

I overlooked my initial gut feeling

Oh but this time I’ve made vows to myself and I won’t turn back!

Learning to keep my very own promises.

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To My Past

Thank you for loving me the way you could.

Thank you for teaching me how strong I am.

Thank you for every opportunity to see who I really was even when I didn’t know.

Thank you most of all for letting me go.

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Things in my life are shifting.
The atmosphere for change is now!
Things aren’t like they used to be neither should they be.
With each new day opportunities await.
They wait for you to grab hold and cease the moment.
My time is now!
There is a shifting in the atmosphere.

Bring Back Our Girls!

Gone with the hopes of returning home.
Off to school they went
Eager to learn and embrace knowledge
Thinking of the future and what they could be filled with hope and determination.
In an instant their dreams faded. Whisked away into the unknown
No one knew what had become of their futures that once shone so bright
No one knew they were crying
no one heard
2 weeks later and 14 days late news spread
And now a Nation cries out
Bring back our future
Bring back our hope
Bring back our loves


If Anyone

Were to ask me what’s the hardest thing you have ever done? Point, period, blank I would say hands down marriage.
Marriage isn’t a walk in the park. It’s a walk through life’s journey unselfishly. Life comes with so many ups, downs, highs, lows, middles, and ends. Imagine sharing this with one person. This one person you knew like the back of your hand while dating.
Oh but wait marriage turns that hand upside down and inside out.
Marriage isn’t for the weak,but the strong willed and determined. You must be determined to make it work through every curve ball life gives you. In those curveballs we grow, trust more, learn more, and dig deeper.
The little girl in me would love to run home to my daddy and have him kiss and hold me this very moment. Reassure me that things will be ok. However my dad and mom are walking out their life’s journey. Who am I to interrupt?
Their is one I can call no matter the time or hour and their He is with arms open wide. My Heavenly Father Jesus Christ. Who knew way before me that I would need his love and affection. He knows our deepest fears and our hearts desires. He alone can meet every single one of our needs.
Not my husband, dad, or mom. Christ alone is able to comfort me. Sometimes we just need to cry out to God from the depths of our soul. I believe that our hearts desire to be loved deeply, comforted intensely, and encouraged daily, sometimes goes unmet is Christ way of reminding us that only He can fill that void. We can’t expect others to do what only He can.
So if at this moment your spouse may not be meeting those needs that longed to be met. Give them over to Christ and He will meet them. He will open your eyes to see that only He alone can fill they void. Don’t hold anger, bitterness, or strife towards your spouse. They like us can only do so much.
Love them they way you may be needing, ask God to enable you to be the spouse He has called you to be. Marriage is the hardest thing I have ever done but the most rewarding. Not in my own strength but through Christ I am able to stand strong through this life long journey.