Kinky Curly Coily Coils

NYE I decided to try something new on my tapered natural hair. This was the first time styling my hair myself since my big chop! It was fun and went way faster than I thought.

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Spring Has Sprung

Once Easter weekend passes I feel like that’s a sure sign Spring is here. Growing up I have always gone to church on Easter Sunday and of course it was my favorite day of the week. It was that day I got to wear my new dress, shoes, purse, hairdo, and even tights. Dressing up was always my favorite thing to do. The best part was arriving at church and seeing a sea of pastel colors flooding the sanctuary. It was such a wonderful sight to see and be apart of. The icing on the cake was the over flowing compliments I received on my Easter Sunday Getup as I like to call it. Fast forward to 2015 living life as a woman who knows who and who’s she is. I can honestly say some of those feelings still overwhelm me. I am excited to see what everyone will wear and how they style their Easter Sunday Getup. Here is to Easter 2015 where I had no choice (choir colors can I get an AMEN! LOL) but to choose between turquoise, white, yellow, and gray and I chose……


Bam a simple chic white and yellow look.  My dress and top were both purchased last year at JCpenneys which if you follo wme you would know I love JCP! They are such a great store with unique pieces all around.


The floral lace detailing on the front of the dress is my favorite part. It gives a sexy look while still keeping you guessing. Of course i cannot forget the ruffle along the waist line giving it a pepulum top feel. My yellow blazer gave me that bright spring feel on a sunshiny day. My shoes were given to me by a dear friend and i put them to good use on Sunday! My look was complete with my simple fresh face and a fabulous twist out. One thing however is missing from this picture….


My sugar pie hunny bun in his gray suit. He loves wearing the European mens cut blazers and they fit him rather well. No Sunday us complete without us taking a picture. I pray you all had a great Easter weekend and enjoyed time with the ones you love. #StyleWERKshop


Curl Presenter

Yup, it’s official I am a Curl Presenter for Hello Curlies. If you’re looking for products just right for your kinky, coily, curly hair? then you must try Hello Curlies products. Click this link—-> MrzHindz09 to shop their products on my personal Hello Curlies Curl Presenter site! I am so excited to be sharing with you products I love and have worked for my hair. Sharing is caring so feel free to share with the ones you love : ) You won’t be disappointed ; ) #hellocurlies #curlpresenter



ORI is a darn good deep conditioner. I recieved this product in one of my Curlkit boxes when I was a subscriber. This was a new brand I have never heard of before I got my box. I am so glad this was one of the goodies amongst many others.

Name- ORI Essentials Moisture Rich Conditioner

Promises- Moisture and hydration to every strand. Resulting in moisturized hair thats looks and feel soft.

Main Ingredients- Water, Shea butter, Coconut Oil, Soybear Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, Avocado Oil, Grape Seed Oil, and Olive Oil.

Results- Extremely soft hair that detangled easily once the conditioner was rinsed out. Even after I rinsed the conditioner my hair remained soft for hours. This is about the third time I am using this conditioner and I absolutely love it hands down!

I give this product a 10 out of 10 stars


Twisted Updo

Yesterday I wore my hair in this super quick and easy updo. I did two flat twist along the sides of my head. Then brushed the back up into a puff. I used my Gorilla Snot Gel to lay the back down and Lotta Body Edge Gel for my edges. My hair held up very well. I was able to tie it down last night and spritz this morning to maintain the style. I hope to rock this till Wednesday.