Kinky Curly Coily Coils

NYE I decided to try something new on my tapered natural hair. This was the first time styling my hair myself since my big chop! It was fun and went way faster than I thought.

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Sunday Prep

Saturdays for me are usually spent preparing for Sunday service. Considering I am in church all day on Sunday it’s important for me to have certain things lined up to make my mornings easier. Apart from dancing, being on the social media team, and the marriages ministry team at church I am also in the choir. Yes! I do a lot but I love. Tomorrow is Easter and of course the choir will be singing. Our colors for Easter are yellow, white, gray, and turquoise. Lots of colors yes ha ha. However I opted for a simple white and yellow look.

All pieces except for the shoes are from JCPenneys my favorite store. I am glad that I had these pieces lying around my closet. I am all set for my clothes and my hair is prepped in a flat twit out style. Now for makeup, I recently finished my Sephora De Teint 10hr Perfection Foundation in fonće deep.  I love the wear and longevity of that foundation. To look flawless for Sunday I need a good foundation and with that one all used up I ran to my local Walgreens for something new. In search for something new to try my eyes caught a glimpse of the Maybelline New York Fit Me in the shade Mocha. This foundation promises to hydrate and smooth the skins texture while leaving a luminous finish. We shall see if these promises hold true tomorrow.

How do you prepare for Sunday’s?

Until then have a Blessed Easter Weekend! 😄



ORI is a darn good deep conditioner. I recieved this product in one of my Curlkit boxes when I was a subscriber. This was a new brand I have never heard of before I got my box. I am so glad this was one of the goodies amongst many others.

Name- ORI Essentials Moisture Rich Conditioner

Promises- Moisture and hydration to every strand. Resulting in moisturized hair thats looks and feel soft.

Main Ingredients- Water, Shea butter, Coconut Oil, Soybear Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, Avocado Oil, Grape Seed Oil, and Olive Oil.

Results- Extremely soft hair that detangled easily once the conditioner was rinsed out. Even after I rinsed the conditioner my hair remained soft for hours. This is about the third time I am using this conditioner and I absolutely love it hands down!

I give this product a 10 out of 10 stars


Twisted Updo

Yesterday I wore my hair in this super quick and easy updo. I did two flat twist along the sides of my head. Then brushed the back up into a puff. I used my Gorilla Snot Gel to lay the back down and Lotta Body Edge Gel for my edges. My hair held up very well. I was able to tie it down last night and spritz this morning to maintain the style. I hope to rock this till Wednesday.

I love Lottabody

They are such a great line of natural haircare products. You can find their products at your local beauty store or pharmacy. Of course we can’t forget Walmart as well. Or just check out their website for more