Congrats, They Said

Congrats was something I wasn’t ready to accept.

I didn’t picture this as a congratulatory¬†moment.

It’s not the congrats I wanted.

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Today I felt like taping out! Taping out on what you ask?

On blogging

On creating

On content

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A Night Of Excellence

Tuesday, October 16, 2018 6pm sharp the Dewberry Hotel Banquet Hall!! The tables were set and the decor was breathtaking. The night had finally come and there we were at the final stop on the four-city tour served with a coke. A night to remember and that I shall

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The Investment

What better way to close out the third quarter of the year than brunching it up with amazing business women. Last weekend I had the opportunity to share my blogging and Instagram knowledge for a business, brunch, and brainstorming event.

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