Have you ever felt like things weren’t going the way they ought to? or that you were being treated unfair? Well it’s in today’s episode I’m talking about all what you can to end that today. Tune In!


Grow | Glow Ep 8

Hey hey, today on the podcast we are talking about our second quarter goals. The year is flying by and we’ve got to set goals and make changes. Tune in and be sure to follow us on Instagram via Girl.Grow.Glow and shoot me an e-mail with podcast topic request or to let me know you’re loving what’s going on with this platform. You can send email requests to Click the image below to tune into today’s podcast

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Grow | Glow Ep7 Special Guest

Continuing on with my Women’s Month special guest today I have the pleasure of sitting down with Joy of IServe With Joy to talk about her glow up process.

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Grow | Glow Ep6 Special Guest

In honor of Women’s month I had to have a few special guest for the remainder of the month. This first guest is powerhouse in and of herself! She’s full of talent and personailty so grateful she said yes. Hit the image below to tune in and hear who’s chatting it up about her glow up.

Grow | Glow Ep 5

Whoop whoop! Episode 5 Yesss I’m excited about my podcast. I’m loving sharing motivational nuggets with my following and the response has been great. I hope that every time your listen you’re encouraged to keep growing and glowing just a little bit more. Today’s topic is “Don’t Count Yourself Out!” I’ve done it way to many times and this time I said no way. I’m serving notice on every negative thought. Take a listen and let me know what you do to no rain on your own parade.

Grow | Glow Ep 4

Let’s get this fourth podcast rolling!! On this Episode I’m talking all about “The Art Of Appreciation” what does appreciation look like today? and how do you show appreciation? Just a few things I touched on. Hit the image below and tune in!!

Keep It Simple Grow | Glow Ep 3

Yes, you read the title right! Today on my podcast I’m talking about keeping it simple. After being inspired by a recent conversation with a friend I decided to share a few nuggets on how to do just that! As always hit the link below to tune in to the podcast!!