Fresh Face

Feeling like a fresh-faced beauty after using my all time favorite cleanser Neutrogena. This  Daily Gentle Cleanser makes my skin happy.

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The Truth Is

The truth is in 2015 I re-relaxed my hair to make another happy. I know, I know, what was I thinking? I thought maybe this would make things better, maybe it would erase the pain, maybe I’d be enough. Let me tell you this if you’re not enough from day one you’ll never be enough! Tough but it’s the truth!

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Summer Must Haves

Summer is here ladies and we all have our “must haves” check out mine. These will keep you cool, cute, and fabulous all summer long!

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Yardley Soaps

So fresh and so clean! That’s the way I feel every time I use Yardley Soaps! These soaps are power-packed with natural goodies and an amazing scent. Now let’s be honest normally I swear by another brand BUT these soaps have won my heart forever #sold.

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Hip Baths

Hip baths also known as Yoni steams have been on the rise lately and of course I had to indulge. The first time I seen or heard of yoni steams was during an episode of Housewives Of Atlanta. Judge me if you want I like my dose of reality TV.  After watching that episode I decided to do my own research on yoni steams and it’s benefits.

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Jade Rolling

Jade rolling has simply become one of my favorite beauty routine! I came across Jade Rolling through a friend who encouraged me to try it out. Nothing like amazing friends who keep you up to date with beauty tips!


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Facial Serums

Did you know that your face needs supplements also? Honestly, I never really thought of using or implementing supplements on my skin. Of course we all know our bodies can use a good supplement here and there but my face thats a whole new territory.

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