About Me

There is always a better version of myself unfolding in this thing called life. I honestly haven’t figured it out and I mean hey, who has? If you have please let me know when, where, and how you figured it out? 

For starters, my name is pronounced Nar-See-Sa! 3 super simple syllables lol I can hear you saying it out loud! Awesome you’ve got it!

Okay so now that that’s out of the way lets chat….I am the youngest of 3 to the best parents ever and yes! they saved the best for last (inserts happy dance).  I am a Spunky, Optimistic, Vivacious, & Compassionate kinda lady.  An animal lover since birth and a dog mom since forever!! My current four-legged baby is Chico aka “killer” passionately named from one of my sista girls! Hey boo hey….Other than loving on Chico you can catch me mixing, mingling, leading Zumba pop up classes, teaching by day, leading an all girls dance group to my 5th graders after school, growing, and glowing through life’s moments one photo shoot at a time (Check Out My Model Portfolio)  here in the Low-country of Charleston, SC!

My blog is an ever-present digital way to express myself and share my life. I’ve learned to glow through what I’ve gone through which has now become my motto and my why. My hope is to show others that even in the midst of hurt, pain, and loneliness you can Glow! Glow as you grow and learn from every situation life brings your way. In the meantime as you read my blog may you enjoy, laugh, cry, and sparkle. So here’s to the best of life that has yet to come and while it loads you can catch me loving, sparkling, and embracing this Christ Centered  Journey ….. (My Best Life #currentlyloading)

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