EB Fitness

It’s summer and of course, we all wanted our summer bodies pre-summer but most of us aren’t there yet. I’m definitely one of those people who haven’t quite reached their summer body goals. Thankful for a great friend with a great business that’s in health and fitness.

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Lexus Charleston Fashion Week

This year Lexus Charleston Fashion Week did things a bit different. As opposed to one week full of shows they broke it up into events instead.

The first event was held at the Cedar Room on Friday, March 22, 2019. This kickoff featured curated pop- up shops from top glam brands; beauty tips, tricks, and touchups; tasty cocktails alongside lite bites; high energy entertainment and interactive experiences, topped off with an after-party.

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“She’s Gotta Have It” Friendships

Let’s talk about friendships! I’m dead smack in the middle of watching season 2 of “She’s Gotta Have It” and I can’t help but be moved to talk about this scene. FYI if you haven’t seen it I suggest you not continue to read this blog. I may spoil it for you just a tad bit.

Nola and Chloe have been best friends for years and yet they’ve had this uneasiness all along the way. Nola is a free spirit and Chloe is your high siddy standard having gal. Now, there is nothing wrong with that as both are separate individuals that bring so much to the table. I can see how they’ve been friends for so long. Nola keeps Chloe down to earth and Chloe helps keep Nola focused.

What happens when they uneasiness becomes to much to bare? What happens when you’ve let time go by without clearing the air? What happens is you break. The break can either be for the good or the bad.

In this scene their dear friend Shameeka senses the uneasiness and forces them to talk it out. This is where my heart was moved. It was moved because all to often I’ve been in friendships where something happens and neither parties clear the air. The air may remain tense and go on longer than neccessary. The air may never clear and sometimes the friendship fades away. I find myself to be much like the lovely Nola Darling carefree and heartfelt. I sometimes choose to not confront to lessen the drama or tension. Is it helpful probably not. What I admire about this scene is that Shameeka was the friend that said no lets squash this. Having an outside source to help mend the friendship was neccessary for them.


Nola and Chloe had to come face to face with their issues and lay it all on the table. It’s important to lay issues out to get to the core and see wether it’s worth saving or letting go. In this case Nola valued their friendship and made a stance to either choose being friends or business partners. Nola recognized that doing both was causing the issue. Nola boldy choose to salvage their friendship and Chloe reluctantly agreed. Through Chloe’s tears and vulnerability she saw how it was neccessary.

This scene is something I wish could have happened in my life. I’ve let some friendships fade away to due to unspoken resolve. I also know it takes two but deep in my heart I alway’s think what could I have done to save this friendship? One thing I’ve come to realize in my few years of life is that everything has it’s season. That comforts me in knowing in that season of friendship I loved wholeheartdly and meant well for my friends. I’ve learned to love from a distance even when it hurts.

Cheers to this scene showing us that friendships can mend and confrontation isn’t always messy but rewarding.

Have you ever gone through a rocky place with a friend? If so what did you do? Are you still friends today? Chime in on the comments I’d love to hear your take.


Cherish Me
I sprang up from mother earth
She clothed me in her own colors
I was nourished by father sun
He glazed the pottery of my skin
I am beautiful by design
The pattern of the night in my hair
The pattern of music in my rhythm
As you would cherish a thing of beauty
Cherish me.
by Joyce Carol Thomas

What you can’t see in these photos was the pain inside from life’s unexpected curve-balls but that’s life, no matter what we’ve got to push through. I’ve been here before and I know it only gets better. My pain had purpose and I’m determined, passionate, and will continue to pursue what’s meant for me. Sometimes some of our greatest work comes from broken places and broken moments. Allow yourself to live in it and feel every emotion in that moment because it’s momentary not a life sentence.  

Creative Director, Stylist, & Photographer: Barry Lee Polk Photography

Model: Narcisa Maura

Girls’ Night Out: Blue Note Bistro Style

A night of soul, spice, and everything nice. Most recently I had the pleasure of attending The Blue Note Bistro’s grand opening.

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Summer Camp

The end is near (inserts happy dance)! The end of the school year that is. I couldn’t be more excited for summer break. With school out I know parents are scrambling left and right to find summer camps and activities for their children. I have just the summer camp for your tech savvy, website creating, and gadget loving teen.

This summer I’ll be working at Code Camp with The Red Sunflower. What’s Code Camp you ask? Code Camp is a four day program filled with fun interactive hands on learning. Campers will be learning how to build their own website, how to code using WordPress, an Open-source software. They will also learn a host of other skills to help them navigate the digital world.

As a computer lab teacher I can reassure you this is the best program for your teen. Allowing them to soak in all they can about technology and coding now will take their futures to the next level. We live in a digital world and understand how to create a website is key to navigating any career field in technology.

Code Camp will be hosted at Seacoast Church in West Ashley 2049 Savannah Hwy, West Ashley Charleston, SC 29407 from July 15 – 18 2019.

If you’re in the Charleston area and you know of a teen that would interested sign them up today. Spots are going super fast so get them in while you still can. It’s sure to be a guaranteed fun and interactive time.

Sign up Now Nowand get 10% off with my special code “Grow Glow”

Charleston Bloggers Night Out

Blog this, blog that, eat, sleep, and blog. The truth is we all blog we just may not have our own little space on the internet but we blog in our hearts. Blogging is more that just writing some words on computer screen. It’s about capturing life’s priceless moments one moment at a time. As a digital blogger I’ve chosen to share my moments with the world.

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